Friday, December 22, 2006

Let My People Think

The military association for atheists and freethinkers writes the following as a guide to other atheists in the service about participating in public prayer...

"you have been forced into an uncomfortable position by having to choose between betraying your beliefs (by bowing your head) and identifying yourself as someone who is 'different' (by not bowing). Consider addressing these events, either before or after the fact, to leaders, EO Representatives, and chaplains as indicated below."

I find the two terms in this odd. First the author of this page calls her atheism a set of "beliefs." This seems utterly inconsistent with the idea of being a "freethinker" in which, presumably, one has not beliefs...but facts. I find this horribly Freudian. The inconsistency belays the double hubris of claiming true "free thought" (with the assumption that non atheists are not freely thinking about their beliefs) and at the same time adhering to a set of doctrines and beliefs..."isms" as it were.

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