Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cresheim Valley Church and the sounds of NachtMusik

This blogsite is for connecting and communicating with those of you who are in the cresheim valley area and are interested in the new 10th church plant. Rather than just being a bulletin board for meeting times and casserole lists, the purpose of this board is to discuss issues of faith, questions of philosophy, humor and any other topics which seem relevant. Please feel free to post in comments section on any of the blogposts you find interesting. The picture of the left is called "nachtmusik" and is by a woman named Dorthea Tanning. I like the surreal quality and how it actually appears to be a dream sequence. The strangest dream I ever had was when I was a small child. I would walk down a long stone corridor, and the longer I walked the farther away from the end I seemed to be. I could hear this loud noise, not so much a sound; but something like all possible sounds together. Then I would appear at the end of the corridor, and a large knight with ashen red armor and a hammer would appear. The knight would say something to me which I could not understand and then the dream would be over. Pretty strange stuff! So quid pro quo...what is the strangest "nachtmusik" you have ever experienced?

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