Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Blasphemy Challenge

The following video is disturbing, so if you decide to watch it, do so with caution. A man named Brian Flemming, who may best be described as an evangelical atheist, is openly encouraging people (more accurately teenagers) to film themsleves denying the Holy Spirit and then post their videos on You Tube. The concept is to show scorn for the reference in the Gospel of Matthew where Jesus gives a specific warning about the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit being an unpardonable sin. Furthermore Flemming believes that Christianity is oppressive and absuive to children. Here is a short newscast about Brian Flemming and his project. (again, the content is disturbing)

This is not the final word. In response to this video many people have begun posting their own videos, affirming the life giving king Jesus Christ. I would encourage any of you with a video camera to do this. Make a short video reciting the apostles creed and post it on you tube.

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